Monday, 1 July 2013

Day 4

Another woozy start to the day. Managed to sleep in spurts, but woke up at 4 needing to hit the tramadol! I certainly miss the hospital bed with its easy up/down movement; it can be tough to get comfortable.

Everything still going down easy and I'm getting more confident which is good. Definitely having an increase in that uncomfortable upward pressure in my esophagus. I remember reading that someone else had this and said it felt like reflux which made her worried that the LINX had failed. It does feel like reflux, but my instinct is that it's just my body getting used to the implant. It's definitely not a pleasant sensation, but it's a long way off from the old acidic/food burp scenario after every meal (forgive the imagery). Even if this is the new normal - and I don't think it is - I'll be happy with the improvement. So much of healing well is staying positive and seeing the big picture. (On that topic, I can recommend a cheesy but engaging read for your next long-haul flight: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.)

Incision sites are pretty itchy on and off. It's hard to believe that in just two more days I'll be taking off the waterproof coverings on the incisions. The body gets to work repairing itself so efficiently!

Managed to drive to church today and back, but only made it through an hour. The gas bloat makes it tricky to sit in one position with shoulder/back pain. Nonetheless, it was definitely doable to get out and about as long as I was walking very slowly. Every day I feel more and more able. 

By the end of today I was feeling much better than the beginning - basically at exactly 72 hours after the procedure. If you've already had the LINX, when did you start feeling more mobile, etc? 

Food today: banana porridge, blueberries, pork/bacon chili with rice (amazing to eat chili without reflux/belches!), ice cream, crackers, and a delicious square of chocolate to cap off the day.


  1. ive been following your journey and glad you are feeling better each day.....

  2. I went out walking with my wife and our labrador every day kept me going, could have gone bacj to work after a week but left it another 10 days. If you do a real hard manual job my advice would be to have a full month off.
    Your doing ok, remember NO heavy lifting :-)

  3. Surgeon said to try some gentle ab exercises when I could...I feel like I'm a ways off from that. It seems like even after you feel pain-free, you need to avoid heavy lifting for a while?