Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day 6

Progress continues to be good. A few instances where swallowing has felt constricted, especially (weirdly?) with liquids. Cold ones worse than warm. But if I'm patient, they pass through. No significant problems with food yet. I continue to have occasional pain after eating (see previous posts) but again, no real belching or reflux which makes me SO happy!

Went out yesterday to a coffee shop for two and half hours and my back was pretty sore by the end of it. Didn't mind too much because I was drinking coffee again :)

No significant pain around the incisions, and only a few stabs of discomfort at the implant site itself. I feel lucky because it seems like some people have had many weeks of real soreness around the LINX. Perhaps it's still yet to come for me, but I'm optimistic.

Removed the opsite dressings on all but the big incision, and the scars are already smoothing over. I can tell already that they're going to fade to nearly nothing - in a way, I hope I have one or two battle scars to show for it!

Trigger foods conquered today: Indian food, tortilla chips, coffee, bacon


  1. Are you still on the Tramadol? Swallowing was fine with me up un'til the end of week 3 when bread and meat started causing abit of discomfort going down, started to really improve about week 6,no swallowing issues since week 10 now :-)

  2. No, stopped Tramadol on Day 4. I'm pleased to hear you had a shorter period of swallowing problems than others have said...fingers crossed!