Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Week 3 Update

Week 3 much the same as Week 2, but significantly less dysphagia. I've heard it comes in waves, so maybe it's coming back round again soon. I had only one stuck situation this week where I had to run for the sink, and again first thing in the morning, cold water and a pill. Should've learned my lesson! I was fine the other mornings though...just a one-off. Haven't had any issues with food at work though, which was a concern of mine as I'm in a small office where we all sit together and often eat together. Big sigh of relief there for avoiding awkward moments!! Very dry crackers like saltines are a no-no, but other than that, everything goes down. Water or liquids still seem more difficult than solids.

I have no onsite pain or internal pain. I occasionally have bloating more than usual, but nothing too obvious (I hope). I have a small frame so I puff out anyways after a meal :) I tried fizzy drinks this week, and have decided to swear off them. It wasn't comfortable afterwards with some gas pains for several hours. Just as well - they're bad for you anyway, right? Bit sad about sparkling alcoholic beverages though, as they were always a special (though reflux-inducing) favorite. Perhaps in good time.

I have continued to find that I can eat more, and more comfortably, than I used to be able to. I have been able to eat things like potato chips without more than the average amount of mild burn afterwards, which I assume other 'normal' people get. And if not, it's minor anyway and I don't eat them often. I was getting a bit discouraged about that today, but then I remembered that during my pH monitoring I had a bag of Walkers and my throat/stomach was on fire. The difference is stark, even if it's not 100% on/off.

So all in all, at the moment, I'd say I'm experiencing a 75% cure from my reflux. The number might be higher, as part of the issue is I don't know what 100% would feel like. If the post-meal  discomfort/pressure I described previously were to go away, I think I'd be at 100%. Perhaps in 3 months or so my body will have adjusted to being PPI-less and start regulating digestion more properly again - maybe that's the ticket.

In any case, I still feel like the LINX is a revolutionary device that I'm sure will spread like wildfire if the 10-year results are good.

Any questions are welcome!

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