Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Week 6 Update

Another mixed bag of a week.

Some really great times when I forgot all about reflux and heartburn! Had an Indian curry with some wine, followed by strawberries one night -- no big deal.

Other days where I've felt hoarse at the end of the day with some of the old belching. Can't tell for sure if anything's coming up - and I definitely am not getting food/liquid in the mouth etc. - but feel burning at the base of the throat and get the sour/bitter breath thing as well. Again, not every day. And the horrible feeling of water coming back up my throat after I swallow disappeared permanently after the surgery. That is a huge relief.

I think one element that is definitely contributing is gastritis. I know my stomach is sensitive and I was diagnosed as having inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) on my endoscopy several years ago. Now that I'm off PPIs, I have to remember to treat my stomach nicely! I got all excited about being able to eat grapefruit again, for example, but of course grapefruit is still highly acidic, whether you have the LINX or not - so the stomach can still react to it. My aim is to find ways to reduce inflammation there as much as possible without PPIs.

I am able to exercise a few days a week, but need to be careful not to overdo it still. My goal is to be able to exercise normally at 12 weeks, so I am very impressed at how well I am doing now.

I have been taking Zantac a few days to calm the gastritis, as well as slippery elm powder and Gaviscon. Hoping to stay off the PPIs or H2 Blockers, but my feeling at the moment is that if I do have to go back on them, I will still be worlds improved than before the surgery, and will probably be able to take a lower dose.

Perhaps this post sounds negative; however, I am considering everything up to around 12 weeks to be a part of the recovery process.

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